Interesource Group (Ireland) Limited exercises its corporate social responsibility and charity philosophy by helping and donating time and resources to not-for-profit and charitable organisations each year. We have been extensively involved in the sponsorship of many fundraisers. You can read about some of these achievements in the news section.

When we fundraise we do not simply hand over a cheque to a specific charity to make us look good. We like to get our hands dirty. We have been seen collecting on the street, selling goods for charity, donating consulting time on a pro bono basis, sponsoring design and printing for fundraising activities and running charity functions, as well as being directly involved at the event itself. We invite charities to consider having our consultants join their boards of management to provide strategic direction, fundraising and expertise in  number of areas.

In an era where time is becoming scarcer and purse strings are becoming tighter, we will endeavour to help and support those that will benefit from our inclusion in their efforts. In doing so, we acknowledge the support of the media and press who have been generous in their reporting of our activities as well as those suppliers who have supported us in ours.

Since 2008 we have been involved with organisations directly in raising over €500,000 for causes across the country. We continue to support organisations such as:

  • Blood Bike Mid-West
  • Vincent’s Lisnagry, Limerick
  • Strokes Support Club
  • Deaf Community Centre, Limerick
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