HR for SMEs

Human Resource outsourcing for a small to medium sized enterprise is a strategic and sensible move for your organisation to save you time at an affordable rate. This is achieved by setting a strategic HR goal with ourselves where we can fully or partially manage, advise on, assist in and train you in essential HR issues that your organisation has to deal with. Most importantly, our highly experienced and qualified consultants will ensure that your practices comply with best practice HR and that your processes will ensure that you are not potentially exposing your organisation to unnecessary litigation or employment tribunals or hearings.

There are no set packages, however, we work on a retainer basis offering you as much or as little support you need. Each organisation is unique in terms of its culture, business objectives and HR vision and we fit in snuggly as a core part of your overall business strategy.

Contact us now to arrange for us to assess your needs and determine the level of support you will benefit from.

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