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COMPETE is a transnational education and training project which deals with international trade.

The project aimed to disseminate information and recognise exemplar companies that have utilised unique strategies to overcome barriers in international trade; raise awareness and encourage relationship building and affiliations with international networks, boards and organisations; encourage companies to invest in training and development and promote lifelong learning, and recognise exemplar organisations that have utilised effective-practice strategies to expand their international presence, increase their exports, and also demonstrate strategies used to overcome international trade barriers.

To achieve these aims a suite of innovative training products and tools were developed which consisted of iCompete teaching and training portal with a video tutorial; DVD-ROM called “Ready, Steady, Export” which is a self-analysis assessment on export-readiness; documentary style video interviews from international traders providing examples of effective-practice strategies, skills and techniques for trading internationally, along with insights and observations from their own experiences; a series of case study vignettes, and multilingual websites with links to sources of useful information and other project results as well as project leaflets in each partner language.


  • Zeuxix Innovations Ltd, Cyprus
  • Wotra, Slovenia
  • HRDC, Greece
  • Institute of Exports, UK
  • Queen Margaret University, Scotland, UK


  • Teaching and Training portal for exporters
  • Best practice international trade case studies
  • Documentary
  • Project website


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