Interesource Group is a leading provider of human resource management and business consulting with clients in Ireland and in Europe which range from SMEs, private and the public sectors. We undertake extensive briefing sessions to understand the problems and requirements and then establish the nature of the business case. After collaborative discussions, we will propose solutions and a work programme of actions and deliverables that we feel is appropriately matched to your requirements.

We have successfully provided services in a range of HR areas such as HR executive consulting, policy and procedure development, board-level representation, management of grievance and disciplinary matters, corporate governance, drafting of policy and staff handbooks, compliance audits and employee assistance services.

Recognising that any company’s true success is dependent on its staffing approach and its management, our approach in managing human capital is to examine a company’s full employment architecture and recommend areas of reform and development. Our focus is on developing strategic staffing solutions that can be easily aligned to your organisational strategy which can be easily managed, monitored and measured whether it is to improve your talent management, conflict and resolution process, troubleshooting staffing issues or drafting personnel documentation and policies.

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