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This project focuses on development of an e-learning and blended learning training resource in the fields of accounting, financial management and financial reporting to help overcome competency deficiencies within SMEs.

INNO-AT project supports improvements in accounting and financial reporting skills within SMEs, in order to provide useful financial information to a wide range of users and reinforce that accounting as a management tool, fosters the evolution of small and medium-sized businesses. A study performed by UNISYS in the EU for DG Education and Culture called “E-learning in Continuing Vocational Training, particularly within the workplace, emphasised that in SMEs accounting skills, besides the core business ones, need to be developed for longer term sustainability for their survival. Frequent changes of the legislation related to accounting and financial reporting creates strong needs for frequent training, consultancy and exchange of information. E-learning provides all the means to facilitate these needs – easy and cost effective access to the training, effective tools for frequent update of information and exchange of information. The above UNISYS study also identified accounting as one of the five best suited topics for e-learning SMEs training.


  • PRO-ORAVA, Slovakia
  • Slovak Chamber of Commerce. Slovakia
  • WBS Training, Dresden, Germany
  • Suma Consulting, Slovakia,
  • Technical University Gabrovo, Bulgaria.


  • A three-module course in International Accounting Standards
  • A series of assessments
  • A multilingual website in English, Bulgarian, German and Slovak.
  • An e-learning and training portal
  • A text book on Accounting, Financial Management and Financial Reporting training
  • Self-assessment tools
  • Training Needs Analyses Tools
  • A series of multilingual leaflets in English, Bulgarian, German and Slovak.


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