signall_logoSIGNALL II offers a course on Perspectives on Deafness (POD) that is accredited by Trinity College Dublin and offered as part of the Bachelor in Deaf Studies. The course focuses on Deaf Culture, socio-cultural versus medical perspectives on deafness and International perspectives on deafness. Experiential and evidenced-based material will illustrate experiences of deafness by using case studies and video materials. The principal aim is that this course will be offered as a distance-learning programme with fully accessible course content in each partner country through the development of an e-learning platform specifically devised for this course.


  • The Centre for Deaf Studies, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • The Irish Deaf Society, Dublin, Ireland
  • Grant Advisor, Brno, Czech Republic
  • The Finnish Association of the Deaf, Helsinki Finland
  • The Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Lodz, Poland
  • Centre for Community Engagement, University of Sussex, UK


  • Video footage of Deaf studies experts from around Europe;
  • The first European text book on Deaf studies;
  • Over 25 case study vignettes of deaf perspectives;
  • A 10 ECTS course that is delivered as part of the Bachelor in Deaf Studies at Trinity College Dublin run by the Centre for Deaf Studies;
  • E-Learning module content available in English, Czech, Finnish, Polish and Irish, Czech, Finnish, Polish and British sign languages;
  • Pre-recorded lectures, class notes and lecture slides available on-line;
  • Presentations and workshops.


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