Since 1999, Interesource Group has been involved in the European Commission’s  Vocational Education and Training (VET) programme, funded under the Leonardo da Vinci and the Lifelong Learning programmes.  Under these programmes, Interesource Group has promoted, led and has been a partner 15 projects working in over 22 countries as well as collaborating with organisations in the USA, Japan and Australia. The company continues to promote several projects and is engaged in research with Universities, private companies and non-governmental/not-for-profit organisations.

Interesource Group Research has expertise in a variety of economic and social research issues. Areas include:

  • Deaf communities, Deaf culture and signed language interpreting
  • tourism and hospitality
  • disability, equality and social inclusion
  • digitisation, e-learning and blended learning
  • healthcare risk management
  • international trade
  • language and culture in business

Some of our projects have been awarded with prestigious accolades such as the European Language Label for the EUROSIGNS II project and also the SIGNALL project. MORPH was selected as one of the top 32 best practice projects in Europe and FOSTER was reported in Business and Disability. In 2010, SIGNALL II was reported European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion booklet.  For further information project activities click on the  project links.

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