SIGNALL was developed to increase awareness of Deaf Culture and signed languages amongst individuals and organisations in Europe by cultivating a behavioural change and commitment from organisations, employer bodies, educational establishments, public authorities and society as a whole, in the way people who are Deaf are perceived and treated.

The SIGNALL consortium, supporters and patrons comprised of organisations in Ireland, Czech Republic, Finland, Spain and the UK who are working collectively in a two-year transnational project which aims to: Raise awareness of Deaf culture and Deaf people; Introduce people to the fundamentals of Sign Languages; Develop guidelines for organisations and individuals on how to improve their communication skills with Deaf people; Disseminate information to target groups on the needs and requirements of Deaf people; Encourage employers to promote employees’ interest in Sign Language courses, and  Identify good-practice organisations who have put in place specific measures to accommodate the needs of customers or employees who are deaf.


  • Grant Advisor, Brno, Czech Republic
  • The Finnish Association of the Deaf, Helsinki Finland
  • CECE, Madrid, Spain
  • Centre for Community Engagement, University of Sussex, UK


  • Video footage of Deaf studies experts from around Europe
  • A guide for employers
  • A DVD documentary
  • Training seminars, presentations and workshops


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