Web-sites have become a necessary part of business that increase exposure and generate sales. We meet our clients and develop a thorough understanding of their business process and tailor their requirements to their specific needs ranging from a static web-site to a database-driven dynamic web application, e-learning platform or e-commerce store. Our experience with languages and technologies using html, CSS, XHTL allows us to deliver an aesthetically pleasing design to visitors to your site.

We can incorporate video on a web-site using HD quality footage and provide industry level editing, keying and authoring.

To host your site we provide a number of hosting plans to cater for individual needs that are affordable. We can help you decide which domain best suits your business and acquire and manage your domain. Additional service include setting up your email requirements, provide spam and virus filtering and developing your website which we can maintain on your behalf or train you to manage it yourself.

Like any building or construction project, the foundation upon which a site is designed lies in the strength of the architecture and backbone. We can develop a back-end supporting solution using PHP, ASP, Java, ColdFusion, MS-SQL, MySQL and XML to develop cutting-edge data and information management tools to support the front-end design.

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