SIGNALL3 built on the concept and audiences of both former SIGNALL I and SIGNALL II projects that have made a very significant impact reaching audiences in Europe, Australia and the USA. The project focusses on providing educators, interpreters and those working with the Deaf community a vocational course through a blended learning approach using MOODLE. The course is available through the consortium partners in 4 countries, in 4 languages including 5 signed languages. The consortium comprised of world renowned organisations supported by European experts.


  • The Centre for Deaf Studies, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
  • The University of Sussex
  • Lessius College University, Antwerp, Belgium
  • The Turkish National Federation, Istanbul Turkey


  • An edited volume of research papers: “Working with the Deaf Community – Education, Mental Health & Interpreting”
  • Bite size video vignettes;
  • A VET course available in each country which is also available as a 10 ECTS course that is delivered as part of the Bachelor in Deaf Studies at Trinity College Dublin;
  • E-Learning course on Moodle with content in English, Flemish, Finnish, Turkish and Irish, Flemish, Finnish, Turkish and British sign languages;
  • A Guide to Working with the Deaf Community in Education, Mental Health & Interpreting. CLICK HERE TO SEE


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