MEDISIGNS Conference – 10 places left

20130109-160717.jpgWith 17 days to go, there are only 10 places left at the MEDISIGNS Conference.

As a result of a quick sell out, we doubled the capacity and despite this we again have only 10 places left. There will be no additional availability due to the size of the room we have booked as well as ensuring that we have a small group numbers.

Of course we are worried that places will fill up and people will be disappointed. Perhaps there will be hoards of wannabe delegates stranded outside the Centre for Deaf Studies building, bashing down the doors to get in, organising protests and marches to force us to increase our places – but what are we going to tell them as we waive our fingers with a “I told you so” tone?  “You should have booked earlier”.

The early bird rate is no longer available and the current rate is 135 euro.

By the way, there are no freebies. There are no concessions and there are no free sweets (maybe some milky moos!).

To register go to: and follow the big link on the page.

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