MEDISIGNS – European Language Label Award

MEDISIGNS team receive the ELL award

Anna Bury (DCC Limerick), Haaris Sheikh (Interesource Group), Finola Sisk and Dr John Bosco Conama (Trinity College Dublin)

The MEDISIGNS project team, led by Interesource Group (Ireland) Limited, was one of seven winners and awarded the 2013 European Language Label for innovative ways of teaching and learning languages. The European Language Label, which is simultaneously run in over 20 European countries, has been a major event in the languages’ calendar since 1998. The Award recognises creative and innovative ways to improve the quality of language teaching and learning. This year’s winners were selected on the basis of excellence, innovation, creativity and their ability to serve as a model for others.

The MEDISIGNS team comprised of the Centre for Deaf Studies (Trinity College Dublin); University of Nicosia (Cyprus); The Foundation for the Promotion of Enterprise (Poland); University of Stockholm (Sweden) and Heriot Watt University (Scotland).

To celebrate the European Day of Languages Professor David Crystal addressed the winners. Dr Céline Healy, Chair of the Iris National Jury, commented that the winning projects illustrate the importance of innovative language-learning initiatives during times of economic challenge.  Dr. Healy also noted, “These award-winning projects provide a potential source of inspiration and motivation for others teaching and learning languages”.

In his keynote address, Professor David Crystal highlighted the benefits of multilingualism.  These include enhanced cognitive abilities and social skills at a personal level and numerous political and economic benefits at a societal level.  He added, “We need awards like the European Language Label. But we also need to work towards eradicating myths and inculcating realities. We still need to work towards a ‘House of Languages’ in every country, where language and languages, language teaching and language learning, are proudly celebrated”

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