Commemorating International Mother Language Day – Irish Sign Language to air on NEWSTALK 106 -108fm



Dil Wickremasinghe

To commemorate International Mother Language Day, Interesource Group is delighted to be a producer and co-sponsor of the filming of the Irish Sign Language broadcast of a series of interviews aired during the Global Village Saturday night slot, hosted by Dil Wickremasinghe. DOWNLOAD POSTER HERE

This broadcast discusses Irish Sign Language. Experts from Trinity College Dublin’s Centre for Deaf Studies give their views on the recognition of the language in Ireland and what it means for the Irish Deaf community with views from Professor Lorraine Leeson and Dr John Bosco Conama. Dil discusses raising a child with a Deaf mother and also speaks to her hearing child who is a CODA (Children of Deaf Adult). She also explores early child language acquisition with a mother of two Deaf children.

Interesource Group is proud to be a sponsor along with the Centre for Deaf Studies, Bridge Interpreting and Sign Language Interpreting Service.

For further information on courses in Irish Sign Language, please contact the Centre for Deaf Studies by visiting their website: or contact the Irish Deaf Society by clicking here for courses around the country.

In promoting Irish Sign Language, Interesource Group (Ireland) Limited urge all service users to only book a qualified Irish Sign Language (ISL)/English interpreter only who has been professionally trained. This ensures that Deaf sign language users have equal access to service in Ireland in social, political, legal and healthcare settings and it also ensures that you receive the best possible interpretation of information.

If you would like to book a professionally trained and qualified interpreters please free to contact our associates: Bridge Interpreting or SLIS.

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