We’re 20 years in business today!

Today, Interesource Group (Ireland) Limited celebrates 20 years in business. Our small company – with a few directors and many consultants and partners, set out to make a difference for our clients and customers. On 28th June 1996 the company was registered and  started an international recruitment service provider for JI students travelling to the USA.

Twenty years later, we remain a debt-free, small Irish business which has survived a turbulent economic period and we now specialise in 4 key areas: HR and Business Consulting; Publishing; Creative Media and Design, and Education and Training. (IGI Consulting, IGI Publishing, IGI Media, IGI Education).

We never set out to make millions. We set out to make a difference. We have had the privilege of working with global field experts from 22 countries and we have learned so much. We have had the pleasure of sponsoring and supporting great causes from disability charities, social clubs, local organisations and international projects that support education of disadvantaged societies.

As we enter our 21st year in business, we will harness the experiences we have gained, coupled with the trust we have earned from our very loyal clients, colleagues and friends, and we commit to growing our business so that we can continue to innovate, meet newer challenges and make greater differences for the societies that we live and work in.

I would like to thank every person, organisation and partner that has worked with us since we started. I hope we have always met your expectation and I look forward to building on the wonderful relationships and friendships for the next 20 years.

Haaris Sheikh, Chief Executive

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