JUSTISIGNS Project wins a European Language Label Award 2017

The JUSTISIGNS project team, led by Interesource Group (Ireland) Limited, was one of five winners that was awarded the 2017 European Language Label for innovative ways of teaching and learning languages. The 2017 awards were presented by Dr. Gabriel Fitzpatrick, Chairman of the Board of Médicins San Frontières at Farmleigh on 29 September.

Since 2013, the JUSTISIGNS team have been working to improve access to justice by providing training and continuous professional development to each of these interlocutor groups across the partner countries and beyond. Evidence-based research was conducted across Europe to establish the state of play of interpreter provision across the member states. In each country, extensive focus groups and consultation with key stakeholders informed the team about which types of training resources were needed. A series of toolkits and resources were created with targeted audiences in mind. These included an online three-way training programme; toolkits and guidebooks for the police; and posters and the delivery of expert masterclasses across the partner countries. Although the project concluded in 2016, the team continues to offer training in Europe (e.g. the Balkan states), Australia and New Zealand.

Watch the video here: (English, Irish Sign Language and EN subtitled)


JUSTISIGNS was developed with Leonardo da Vinci programme funding from the European Commission. The partnership comprised deaf and hearing experts, researchers and interpreter practitioners from organisations across Europe:

  • Interesource Group (Ireland) Limited (coordinator)
  • European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (efsli), Belgium
  • European Legal Interpreters’ & Translators’ Association (EULITA), Belgium
  • KU Leuven, Faculty of Arts Campus Antwerp, Belgium
  • Centre for Deaf Studies, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • University of Applied Sciences of Special Needs Education, Switzerland
  • Heriot Watt University, Scotland

For further information please contact:

Contact details: Haaris Sheikh, Project Chair

Tel: 01 677 1957 Email: haaris@interesourcegroup.com Website: www.justisigns.com


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