JUSTISIGNS – Interpreters working with victims of sexual abuse – Masterclass with the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

Interpreters working with victims of sexual abuse – masterclass with the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

Interesource Group (Ireland) Limited and the Centre for Deaf Studies, Trinity College Dublin are delighted to be collaborating with the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre who will host this 2-day training session as part of the JUSTISIGNS project masterclass series. The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre has since 1979 offered a wide range of services to women and men who are affected by rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment or childhood sexual abuse. The Education and Training Department of DRCC provides training programmes for professionals and volunteers who provide support or services to victims of sexual violence.

This training programme is designed to prepare deaf and hearing interpreters to work with victims of sexual violence including in their interaction with the legal process. It provides an opportunity to consider the beliefs that exist in society in relation to sexual violence and how they are internalised by and impact upon the victim. Participants will learn about the impact of childhood abuse and of rape and sexual assault. The legal process and its impact on the victim who reports is explored, and issues which arise for the interpreter. The principles and ethics of interpreting are considered in relation to working within this context. Some guidelines are provided regarding interpreting in a counselling situation.

The training approach is participative and experiential. Methods used include group discussion, lecture, case studies, videos, and experiential exercises. The training approach is invitational, with the sensitive nature of the issues being covered and the fact that they may resonate for participants acknowledged. Participation is encouraged but without pressure. There is a strong focus on the impact on the interpreter of working with these issues, the potential for vicarious traumatisation, and strategies the interpreter can employ for self care.

The training programme will be delivered by Leonie O’Dowd, Head of Education and Training and Jane Baird, Education Executive of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre Education and Training Department.  DRCC develops and delivers tailored training programmes for those providing services and supports to people who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and sexual violence.  DRCC has provided training programmes for ISL interpreters in the past, and has published a Handbook for community interpreters ‘Interpreting in Situations of Sexual Violence and other Trauma’.  Leonie has worked with DRCC for 16 years and is an accredited  psychotherapist with specialist training in the treatment of trauma.  Jane has worked with DRCC for 7 years.  She is also an accredited psychotherapist, and has considerable experience of working and training in the area of disability.

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